Andersview Artstations & Artwalks

Artstations are places where my artwork is on display & on sale for you. Artwalks are created by linking these Artstations at a specific location with the help of a list (guide).


I always like to explore, to scout places, I like to connect to people. Yes, I like cool cafes, bars, restaurants, cinemas, book, vinyl record stores, crazy fashion shops, parks and all places & people that have an authentic flavor and make a city a special place.  


I create Artwalks by listing authentic places  in a little free easy to carry print guide, that you can use to explore authentic locations. This guide will be available at any Artstation at any place where you can find an ANDERSVIEW Artstation cluster in a neighborhood. Starting points will be listed here as soon as the first Artwalk is established..


ANDERSVIEW Artstations start to pop up in Cologne, Germany, Jan. 2018.