Its all about our experiences now

POSTDIGITAL: We are living in postdigital times now, as some artists state, and I agree. Its not so much about real vs. cyberspace or digital vs. analog anymore. Digital media & the internet are a utilities we use now on a daily basis and who is excited about a utility? This lets us see analog in a different light. It is the direct and intimate experience one has with analog things & ways. In case of analog b&w photography & prints it is as much about the making, as it is about your perception. It matters to me that you have an authentic experience when & where you see my artwork. Being informed & guided by using your smart phone makes this a postdigital hybrid . This enlarges the zone which we can consider art-experience  into something that engages & connects us socially.  I may have made the photo, but your observation creates your image.  Resonance happens... Human to Human. Addressing these issues by presenting  artworks in contexts & formats that make this experience possible is built into the fabric of ANDERSVIEW.


Personal experience: I studied photography in Germany. I worked as a professional photographer since the '90 in Europe, then since 1994 based in NYC. In the arts since 2001. Multiple exhibitions in the US & EU. Made some Photo Art Books too. More about that at my blog...


GM Anders

Nov. 2016