ANDERSVIEW Prints: Collector info

Prints are exclusively analog handmade at the Andersview analog B&W darkroom.

All  prints are created from photographs made by GM Anders on analog B&W Film size 35mm or 4x5 inch.


I offer prints on two levels:

PE/RC BW Photo Paper (Deco Quality)

Fiber Base B&W Photo Paper (Museum Quality)


RC prints are faster to process in the darkroom, more affordable and more suitable for decorative purposes.

Fiber Prints have the highest technical image  quality and are more archival  (Gallery & Museum quality). 


I offer both levels through different channels, in different formats and at a different price point.


G&K:      RC Prints + Frame at Artstations / Artwalks & Showroom, Print Size 10x15 cm / 4x6 inch

AVR 7:    RC Prints at online Store  & Showroom as of mid Feb. 2017, Print Size 18x18 cm / 7x7 inches (Sloppy border)

AVR 12:  Fiber Prints at Gallery & Showroom, Print Size 31x31 cm / 12x12 inches ( Sloppy or Straight edge)

Custom: Handcrafted analog fiber prints upon request.





GM Anders

Jan. 2018