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its Photoart >                                                    analog & handcrafted > Black & White

Hello and thank you for being here. I am G.M. Anders an analog photographer who is convinced that 175 years after it's invention analog photography is ready to become something different: Photoart. A liberation has come to the analog photographic tools by their obsolescence for commercial use & service. Now they are truly ready to be an artist's tool. It's time to reinvent analog photography as a means of free spirited expression resonating with you. ANDERSVIEW is about reconnecting to the tradition of our Analog Visual Record in new Photoart & Postdigital ways.

ANDERSVIEW  Photoart Label was inspired by the Brooklyn Artist Community & is registered in NYC too.  I am producing right now in & out of the EUROPEAN UNION. 

Photoart Source > Film

The source is high quality  35mm or 4x5" BW Film. The images are made by me with my analog Leica M6 or ARCA SWISS camera & great lenses. I carefully hand process all film and handcraft the silver-gelatin fiber prints in my own analog darkroom. 

Photoart Prints> B&W 

The magic of an analog B&W image is something special. To bring this magic back into your life, I created different art formats. The three formats come at different price points and motifs are carefully chosen to establish coherent series.

Photoart Access > Loc

You will find my artwork in different formats custom tailored to the context of the viewing location: Artstations & nearby galleries or the Elena AB Gallery, NYC. All images are also available as custom order on silver-gelatin fiber BW photo paper. 

New Ways > Art Salon

Invite to a Salon in 2017 and I display analog B&W prints free of charge to you at your home or biz space. Photoart formats are specially  designed for this purpose. Specific Info here.

New Ways > Artwalks

For the ones who like to travel and visit  authentic locations in cities like Paris, A'dam, Antwerp, Cologne, Lagos... First Artstations making up Photoart- Walks start May. 2018.

New Ways > Pop UP

When you follow ANDERSVIEW you will see a new Exhibit concept popping up. We promise it will be really fun to be in the streets were it happens :-)  starts April 2018.

Artformat  > Contacts

Contacts prints are a Photographers editing tool usually hidden from public view. Mini© Contacts are analog handcrafted in 4x6 " (10x15 cm) size, framed & ready to go at Artstations or as Mega© Contacts 13x19 in / 33x48 cm / A3+ size, in house Inkjet Prints  at my eStore.   Starts 2018

Artformat > Keepers

Keepers are postcard size hand-crafted analog B&W prints. At Artstations Keepers come in & with a frame, at the eStore just as a print. This way analog prints are easily available. At Salons Keepers are available on Fiber Photo Paper too, at the eStore & Artstations on RC Photo Paper. Starts 2018 

Artformat  > AVR 7 & 12

AVR stands for ANALOG VISUAL RECORD. AVRs are handcrafted high quality analog silver-gelatin B&W Photoart Prints. AVR 7 comes in  7x7 in / 18x18 cm size. AVR 12 comes in 12x12 in / 31x31 cm size on RC Photo Paper, available at my eStore. Both are available on Fiber Photo Paper at selected Galleries. Starts  2018

ARTSTATIONS : See & experience a community in a different way.  

Finding new authentic locations doesn't have to be wish full thinking on a trip into new urban environments. At least that happens to me when I travel. While exploring cities I have carefully chosen locations to photograph. I place Andersview Photoart Artstations at authentic locations which will hopefully enhance your travel experience too. Artstations will be installed at places like cafes, bars, restaurants, shops etc. constituting an Photoart-Walk within an neigborhood. Free ANDERSVIEW Photoart-Walk Guide Booklets to the neighborhood's Artstations will be available at every Artstation &/or online. My Artwork on display is site specific and available for purchase at an Artstation. I am also creating a special reward to those who visit all the Artstations of a Photoart-Walk for you . I feel that it isalways wonderful to have access to and stay at places & with people that give the city its own magic flavor. Starts Jan. 2018.


CUSTOM Printing in own analog black & white darkroom specially for you.

Landmann Installation 2014
Landmann Installation 2014

SGF PRINTS upon SPECIAL CUSTOM ORDER: Andersview Photoart Custom silver-gelatine Fiber Prints (SGF) are available in collector's quality on Museum Weight, Ilford Galerie Photo Paper. All prints are handcrafted at the Andersview analog darkroom. All custom prints can be ordered between the size  7x10 in / 18x24cm and 20x24 inch / 50x60cm, right now, other sizes upon request. Selected City & neighborhood specific "Artstation" images will be in stock at a nearby gallery in the future. A curated portfolio of SGF Prints  is already available at the Elena Ab Gallery, Brooklyn, NY. For custom prints, please inquire at the gallery or contact me here directly. Please be aware that a regular custom order takes about 2 weeks to full fill, rush orders are possible.   


PHOTOART: A postdigital experience... that you can feel... in analog B&W.